About us


ThermIQ produces its infrared panels in her beautiful manufacturing complex at Buchen, in Germany. We are proud of our professional establishment and equipment, which enables us to produce the high-value quality we deem necessary. The same applies to our dedicated and skilled personnel. The slogan “Made in Germany” stands for the high quality image and the manufacturing of an optimal product in this branch.

Made in Germany

We assume that our products, manufactured with much care, will simply prove themselves to our customers in practice. This starting point forms our best guarantee to satisfy the customer. Our customer purchases a top quality product and we assure that they will be satisfied with their new way of heating. According to us, that is the best guarantee a company can offer.


ThermIQ heating panels are known for:

  • Their high yield, with a minimal energy requirement thanks to a clever system of control
  • High quality and a long life
  • All necessary safety applications
  • Quantifiable, comfortable heat

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