Industrial areas & factories

Because of their area and height industrial areas and factories are difficult to heat. Especially because conventional heating systems operate through convection and therefore heat the total cubic volume of these areas. This thus demands a large capacity and the heating of a comparatively large part of that unused volume. ThermIQ’s infrared systems, however, DO NOT warm up large volumes of air. The panels directly heat those areas where it is needed, such as at the work bench or at the desk.

The benefits of ThermIQ

The smart ThermIQ-control systems offer more features, including:

  • Heating in the zone, for example in the workbench or reception desk
  • A higher temperature at the reception desk than at the door
  • Heating only in the presence of personnel using intelligent detection
  • The heating intelligently responding to the weather predictions

With ThermIQ you heat in an energy-efficient manner which affects your operational results in several positive ways. It provides staff satisfaction, savings in energy costs and a contribution to a better environment.

Energy-efficient heating for industrial areas

ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels have the capability to heat industrial areas and factory floors well, because they do their job only where needed. There is no unnecessary warming of large volumes of air. In high spaces we apply specially prepared panels. Our innovative controlling devices make many desired applications possible.

Innovative technology

With ThermIQ you have an innovative technology, which is capable of offering very effective and cost-efficient solutions, with comfortable heating results. Would you like to learn more about heating solutions for your industrial area? Contact us for more information

Infrared heating in system ceilings and under a glass roof