Wellness has come to be a familiar concept in our way of life. One of its aspects is the use of warmth as relaxation. Familiar examples of this are ceramic hot stones and hot oil massages, but sauna and infrared cabins as well. Water and heat are elements with which we pamper ourselves to relax and recharge our batteries. ThermIQ’s heating systems play a role in this too, by offering a pleasant and healthy source of heat.


Applications of the ThermIQ infrared heating panels are infrared cabins, for example, which are very suitable for warmth treatments. For some people they are decidedly a good alternative to a sauna.
It comes into its own in private application, such as in your house, as well as in the professional area of Wellness centers.

Heat cabins

ThermIQ has special infrared heating panels for use in a hot cabin. These make it possible for you to enjoy, in the form of wellness, the invigorating effect of infrared heating. The function of infrared in general is known to be healthy. Its energy spectrum has a positive effect on the human body as well as on animals.

Panels in infra-red sauna and infra-red cabin