Overall concepts

Overall concepts

ThermIQ likes to work on total solutions. That is why ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels are often applied within a concept. So-called “passive houses” are equipped with panels and they are even suitable for heating horse stables and keeping them mold-free. Do you generate energy with, for instance, solar panels, in private or professional setting? Also then, ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels form an important part of your total solution for energy supply.

Passive houses

Infrared heating is very suitable for use in a “passive house”. The heating panels do not require a gas connection and are very adjustable, so that energy consumption is minimal. The intelligent controlling devices and the possibility of zone heating are important advantages.

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Horses Cure & Care

By using infrared heating in combination with smart controlling devices, horse stables will always remain at the correct temperature. And since infrared heats the horse and not the air, bacteria and viruses do not get a chance.

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More often nowadays, the consumer tends to generate electricity personally because it provides more independence from energy suppliers. By using ThermIQ’s heating panels they actually can heat their houses and pre-heat hot water in an effective and smart manner.

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