There are various ways in which you can apply ThermIQ’s heating system in your home. For instance, it is possible to use it as a local auxiliary heating panel, for example in attics where there are no other heating sources. The application used most, however, is that of a total heating solution for the entire house. It lends itself to being installed in all rooms and areas, including the bathroom and kitchen.

Total heating solution

In combination with the different levels of controls available, you can create an intelligent and energy-efficient heating system. You can comfortably and pleasantly heat your house whilst managing your energy consumption. Apart from these advantages the panels take up little room and additionally look attractive. The other esthetic advantages are:

  • no conduits or pipes running through your house
  • no blowing of hot air
  • no radiators in sight

Existing premises

You have a house in which you want to install heating. With ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels this can easily be accomplished because the installation of warm-water pipes or gas fittings is not necessary. Also, the installation of the panels requires very little demolition work and therefore also little costs. The only requirement is a connection to a power outlet. That’s all, because the panels can be operated by wireless controls. All in all, ThermIQ’s heating system is a very efficient replacement for your old heating system, especially when undertaking renovations to your home.
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New construction

Nowadays newly-built houses are more often produced without a gas connection. Due to the increase in private facilities for power generation, it is now possible to use electricity for any and all functions in a house.

  • Cooking with induction is safer and more economical
  • Hot water is obtained more often by means of a boiler or new technologies such as that of using the earth’s interior heat.
  • Heating may be obtained by means of an effective use of infrared heating panels

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Saving on expenses

You can get all the energy your home needs from electricity. This means saving on expenses for the installation and maintenance of an infrastructure for gas or fuel oil. ThermIQ’s intelligent controls tuned to outdoor temperature, movement detectors, the regulation of one’s need per room and heating per zone, ensure that maximal yield is achieved with minimal expenditure.

With ThermIQ’s infrared heating, your home is ready for the future!