ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels are easy to install. All you need is a connection to the power grid. Warm water conduits, as with tradionational central heating systems, are unnecessary.

The infrared panels are preferably placed on the ceiling, but you can also choose to have the panels mounted on the wall.

Installation on the ceiling

By placing the infrared heating panels on or in the ceiling, the maximum range can be reached. Therefore you will also enjoy the maximum yield.

You can simply place the panels in your ceiling, as shown in the picture, but you can also choose to let them “hang free” under your ceiling.

Painting the panels in the same color as your ceiling will make the panels less noticeable.

Installation on a wall

Mounting infrared panels on a wall is often chosen where mounting on the ceiling is not possible. You can opt for having the panels provided with a decorative coating, such as a photograph or a copy of a painting.

By having your panels mounted on a wall you will enjoy a lower yield than that which is produced by mounting on the ceiling, but the yield will still be higher than the one delivered by a traditional central heating system.