Warm, comfortable and healthy

Intelligent infrared heating at home, the office, in a store and care institutions.

... and of course another 100 places.

The future is now! Our innovative heating systems are totally attuned to future facilities for the generation of energy. However, they are already available NOW and can be applied effectively and efficiently by means of our new, modern ThermIQ control systems. Our high-quality infrared heating panels can be installed anywhere and serve to replace traditional heating equipment.

The comfortable indoor solar warmth, which is supplied by ThermIQ’s infrared panels, means an end to old-fashioned central heating conduits and radiators or furnaces attached to the wall. It also means simple installation of sleek-designed, ceiling-mounted panels with a connection to electricity and, for example, a remote control device. Residences, business areas and factory floors will from now on be heated very effectively and comfortably in an efficient and simple manner. No more dust circulation, but direct and targeted heat while you breath pure, clean air. That breathes quality!

"It’s nice and warm when I’m upstairs in my room studying. It feels like I’m sitting in the sun, it’s great!"

Linsey van der Put, Student, Netherlands

"I like it much better than my radiator"

Anonymous happy customer

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