About us

We believe that energy consumption will become 100% electric in the future, generated from sustainable sources.

Today we are happy to take steps to get that vision of the future closer.

We are ThermIQ

Producer of infrared-c heating panels and intelligent heating solutions.

By continually innovating we can retain our position as quality producer of infrared heating systems.

Providing warmth to every desired place on the most healthy, affordable and sustainable as possible way. That is our mission.
- CEO ThermIQ

Products of social value

Our corporation is build around a different view on creating heat, infrared heat. This way we are able to help with creating a sustainable society. Ofcourse, we are also entrepreneurs which strive to create a both healthy and profitable corporation.

Continuous effort

The time will come in which we will find new efficient ways of generating energy. New technology, including smart manangement of energy usage, makes this energytransition possible. Therefor, we provide our infrared technology. It's our ambition to continuously develop our technology. This way we are able to maximaly contribute on creating a sustainable future.


Our own production

ThermIQ is a Dutch corporation with their factory based in Germany for the production of infrared heating panels.

From our headquarters in the Netherlands, we are exploiding new and natural ways of creating warmth.

We create our own heating panels, because this way we are able to ensure quality, good working conditions, and responsible handling of the environment.

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