About us

We believe that energy consumption will become 100% electric in the future, generated from sustainable sources.

Today we are happy to take steps to get that vision of the future closer.

We are ThermIQ, producer of infrared heating panels and intelligent heating solutions. We produce innovative products of high quality. By continually innovating we can retain our position as quality producer of infrared heating systems. We work with an exquisite combination of craftsmanship, professionalism, an advanced production process and very strict quality controls.

The company

ThermIQ is geared to functioning in a customer-oriented way. During the production of our infrared heating systems we always take our customers’ needs and wishes into account. This form of market approach makes it possible for us to offer a customized solution for every situation.

Mission, vision and values

Needless to say, corporate social responsibility is paramount for ThermIQ. Our mission, vision and values are the fundaments and the underlying base for our entrepreneurial behavior and aspirations.

Production of ThermIQ heating panels

ThermIQ employs a carefully organized manufacturing process. Our factory features magnificent equipment. Modern apparatus and a competent staff of skilled people form the axis for attaining an optimal quality in our products.