Infrared heating

Comfortable infrared heating

ThermIQ's infrared panels are made out of high quality materials. Every part is produced in our factory based in Germany. The final products are subjected to strict quality tests. This way we make sure that you, the customer, only recieve top notch infrared panels.

The highest quality

Your home, office or other any room which you want to warm with infrared heating, will have several panels in it. The rate of creating heat has to be the same across all panels. To ensure this, we perform strict tests to make sure we deliver only high quality panels.

Comfortable infrared heating

Infrared heating is comfortable. Compare it to the feeling of the sun. Infrared does not warm the air, it warms objects. Objects like you. Infrared heating is just like the sun and therefore the most natural way of creating warmth.

It's the result that counts

The space you want to warm, the rate of creating heat, the manangement of warmth, and the placement of the panels. These are all part of your heatingsystem. The installer will tell you all about the proces and support you in any possible way.

At ThermIQ it is the result that counts. The result is you feeling comfortable in a cosy space which is energy efficient at the same time.

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