Better with ThermIQ's infrared panels

Using gas to warm the whole room as we are used to today is actually quite weird. Why would you want to warm only the air inside of a room?

Even more if you think about the fact that warmed up air ascends to the roof. Our infrared panels and intelligent control systems make it possible to create different temperatures, even in the same room. We achieve this by not warming the air, but by giving heat directly the people and and object in their surroundings. The panels, which produces this cosy wamrth, will be placed above every spot which are in desperate need of a heating source. The only requirement for the panels to work is acces to an electricity source.

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Versatile profit

Infrared heating will provide you several profits. Things like: A cut in both the energy costs and maintenance costs and a clean and healthy workingspace.

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Our infrared panels

ThermIQ's infrared panels are slick, lightweight and easy to mount. You are able to control them for maximal effect and the most efficient energy saving. Made in our own factory, we are able to assure the best quality.

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