ThermIQ’s infrared heating systems are particularly highly suitable in professional environments such as offices, hotels, practice spaces, hospitals, industrial accommodations and factories. The benefits of applying infrared heating in professional environments are many. For example:

  • No circulating dust because there is no usage of convection heating
  • Easy and intelligent operation with ThermIQ’s control devices
  • An effective use of the needed energy
  • Heating in specific zones, which makes it possible to have different temperatures in the same space


One employee may feel hot, while another is shivering with cold. This is an often heard complaint in large business spaces and open-plan offices. With ThermIQ’s infrared panels and the intelligent controlling devices, it is possible to create different temperatures in one and the same area, to accommodate personal preferences. This way everyone can create their own climate.


In schools ventilation is very important. A classroom contains many students, so refreshing the air is of prime importance. Normally, ventilation occurs at the expense of a warm temperature. This is not the case when infrared heating is used, since infrared heats objects like the floor, tables, chairs and individuals. Not the air. This creates a comfortable climate and contributes to the students’ concentration.

Health care

Traditional heating always causes circulation of the air. Warm air rises, while cold air descends. This circulation of the air, which is often accompanied by swirling dust, can be very irritating for patients in general. In specific areas, such as operating rooms, it is important not to have circulation of air taking place. ThermIQ's infrared heating constitutes an important benefit with positive effects for this relatively vulnerable group of people.

Shops and stores

Our panels offer a practical and elegant solution for application in retail environments. The well-known problem of an open store entrance and the accompanying heat loss is solved by infrared heating. It is not the air which is warmed which means there will no loss of heat through air escaping via open entrance doors. This means saving on energy expenditures.

Industrial spaces and factories

Due to their large area and height, these workspaces are often very difficult to heat comfortably. ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels are unique in their ability to supply these spaces with a comfortable temperature. An important reason for this is the fact that not the air, but people and objects are heated. Additionally, you can use the intelligent control devices for managing the climate, such as zone-heating.


Wellness has come to be a familiar concept in our way of life. One of its aspects is the use of warmth as relaxation. The effect of blissfully lying in the sun. The infrared rays of the sun, but also those of our panels, renew your energy and give you a healthier body. By using ThermIQ’s panels in a solar cabin or spa, you will enjoy the invigorating effect of infrared heating there too.