Business usage

With ThermIQ's infrared heaters u are able to create your own climate at your working space, even within big rooms.

Several applications

A small selection of the application areas: offices, shops, business halls and churches. Scroll down for the examples.


Perfect warmth at the working space

At the office you want to create a pleasant environment in which it is pleasant for employees and visitors. ThermIQ panels offer you a customized solution.


ThermIQ infrared panels offer a total solution for your office, but you can also heat specific rooms or places with a few panels. Because the panels have a focused heat and do not heat the air they are ideally suited for places that can sometimes feel cold and chilly. For example, for heating a counter near a door which is frequently (or even continuously) open.

But infrared heating is also ideal for creating the perfect temperature for every employee. After all, one employee is sometimes warm, while the other is cold. With our infrared panels and intelligent controls, it is possible to achieve a different temperature in different places in the room.

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Infrared heating create a perfect climate

Infrared heating creates a pleasant and clean indoor climate for patients, residents, visitors and employees.


Infrared heating seems to have been invented for healthcare. The panels heat mass (objects and people) in the room, and not the air. As a result, little to no air circulation takes place. Ideal for, for example, an operating room, in which the air must meet strict requirements, and air circulation is not desirable. Doctors and assistants can work comfortably in an operating room, because the panels make use of targeted heating. In the mean while also the patient is located in exactly the right (cooler) temperature.

Of course, infrared heating can be used in many other ways in healthcare. For example at counters, waiting areas, outpatient clinics, in warehouses and in departments where patients or residents reside. Infrared heating always gives a pleasant, beneficial warmth, which creates a pleasant indoor climate for patients, residents, visitors and employees. Whether it is a dental practice, hospital, physiotherapy practice or care home; we are happy to advise you a solution which fits your specific wishes and requirements.

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An ideal study enviroment

Infrared heating does not only ensure optimum heating, but you also ventilates very easily.


At places where many people learn and work together, it is often difficult to create a pleasant climate. Infrared heats people and objects such as the floor, tables and chairs, but not the air. This not only gives a very comfortable warmth, but you can also ventilate very easily.

Without the old problem of a heat always escaping with the air. With our heating panels you can save a lot on your energy consumption and costs. With infrared heating it is much easier to heat only those rooms or places where it is actually needed.


Optimal temperature control in your store

With infrared heating you achieve that pleasant and welcoming indoor climate which you want to create for your customers.


In addition to a comfortable solution, infrared is also a practical and elegant solution for heating store environments. Because there is no air circulation with infrared heating, you do not lose heat with an open shop door. You specifically heat the objects and people in a room, instead of the air.

As a result, you realize considerable energy and cost savings with infrared heating. Also ideal for creating temperature zones. For example in a flower shop, where it is pleasantly warm at the counter, while elsewhere in the shop, it stays a little cooler. The panels can be integrated into a system ceiling or can be suspended "separately".

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Industry buildings

Targeted heating where necessary

Industrial buildings, warehouses and workshops are often difficult to heat due to their surface and height. Infrared heating offers a solution here.

Industry buildings

Infrared heating has several advantages for industrial buildings. With infrared heating you do not have to heat the entire room to create a comfortable temperature. Because infrared heating is the mass in the room (people and objects)

heats instead of the air, you can heat in a very targeted way where needed. You can then work at a comfortable temperature, while the rest of the room stays cooler. This is not only more pleasant work, it also saves a lot of energy and costs.

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A warm welcome for chruch visitors

Because of the size and often also the height of church buildings, it is completely worthwhile to start heating in a completely different way.


Anyone who wants to bring church buildings up to temperature with a gas-fired system needs a hefty job. In these often tall buildings, after all, huge volumes of air are involved, and warm air also rises. Infrared panels provide the visitors with direct heat via a shortcut. Suspended above the benches and / or attached below the pews, the panels ensure pleasant heat radiation.

They can be switched on last minute when heat is needed, so without the start-up required with a conventional heating method. And also immediately switch off after the service. Together with you, the ThermIQ dealer is happy to prepare a sophisticated heating plan, which also shows how much energy and costs you will save with this way of heating.


A comfortable space for your horse

Keep the horses in top condition!

Horses cure & care

For top breeders it is important that their horses are always in top condition. These animals regularly suffer from a bacterial infection or a virus. This is because the stables are often damp, too hot or too cold. Good barn heating can prevent this.

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Infrared heating at a warmth cabin

Infrared cabines create a pleasent and relaxed kind of heat.


You can also equip the infrared cabin with ThermIQ infrared panels. The infrared rays emitted by these panels have, as is well known, a positive effect on the health of the human body.

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