Countless applications

ThermIQ's Infrared panels are the perfect, sustainable solution to warm the house. Often used applications are: the bathroom, the workspace, the bedroom, the livingroom and the infraredcabin. Scroll down for more examples.


Infrared heating like a warm bath

Electrical (infrared)heating in wet spaces? ThermIQ's heaters are the perfect solution for this case.


Warming up the bathroom is a problem in several households. This happends because the livingroom (in which the thermostat often is placed) is already quite warm. With infrared heating this problem will be solved. Because every panel can be controlled individualy, you are able to enjoy the heat at any time and place. The heaters can be places on the ceiling, which will create a nice view. The ideal solution for a design-bathroom!

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Working space

Heat spaces which are used les often in a blink of an eye

Working space

Creating a warm atmosphere in a room other than your livingroom is often a huge problem. The reason for this is the thermostat in the livingroom, which is already telling the boiler it is warm enough already. Ofcourse you would want this problem to be solved.

Solution: Infrared heaters which will warm every room within seconds. You will be able to warm this room for only the time of your presence. This is both a pleasant feeling and energy friendly. Infrared heaters is ofcourse also a great choice for outbuildings, like storage rooms, which you would like to keep warm.


Feel the wamrth before going to sleep

A warm bed- or kidsroom for (only) the necessary moments.


There are not many people who would like sleeping in a hot bedroom, but when coming from a warm livingroom, it can be pleasant to keep the bedroom warm with infrared heaters. Easily turned on and off, just like an ordinairy lamp.

Are the kids playing in their rooms? Make this room pleasantly warm within seconds. The heaters are also a great addition to reading your kids into sleep.


Summer in your livingroom

Great for head- or additional heating


The livingroom is often the chosing place to relax, have dinner and where most of the time is spend. This makes it a important room to keep warm at all time. With ThermIQ's infrared panels you are able to create a warm atmosphere without creating a cramped feeling. Another benefit is the effect of the radiant heat on the ground which will give you nicely warmed up feet.

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Infrared heating around heatingcabines

Wellness at home


Also the surroundings of your infraredcabin can be mounted with ThermIQ's infraredpanels. The infrared radiation, which comes from these panels, have a positive effect on the human body.

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Total concept

Self-sufficient and All-Electric

Total concepts make infrared essential

Total solutions

ThermIQ loves to work for a total solution. That is why ThermIQ's infrared heatingpanels are often used within a concept.

In 2018 our partners and us won the All-Electric Challenge, which proves that we are the best choice for a total solution.

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