ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels have been designed as a modern appliance with the entire house in mind. With this innovative technology you can heat all the desired areas of your home. In combination with intelligent control systems, the panels offer exceptional possibilities. Such as regulating certain areas of your house, anticipating activities in specific zones, linking the indoor climate to the weather predictions, providing individual levels of heating in the same area containing several panels and regulating the heating of your home from a distance with your Smartphone

Infrared heating in your home

With ThermIQ you can heat your home pleasantly, comfortably, and in a modern way. The intelligent controls we have developed provide an energy efficient entirety. Herewith, ThermIQ’s infrared heating offers you a very interesting opportunity. In addition, there is the possibility to entirely customize our panels in accordance with your wishes. Your demand is our concern !

Infrared heating for your infrared cabin

You can also equip your indoor sauna cabin with ThermIQ infrared panels. The infrared rays which are radiated by these panels have, as is well known, a positive influence on the health of the human body.