Benefits for the home

Versatile profit with ThermIQ

ThermIQ infrared panels have several benefits

Infrared heating will provide you several profits. Things like: A cut in both the energy costs and maintenance costs and a clean and healthy workingspace.

Smart controls
Zones can be selected with smart controls
A future-proof solution: ready for the natural gas-free era.
Cost reduction
Energy efficient, environment friendly heating with a substantial saving on your energy bill. Quick payback time and a relatively small investment.
Comfortable, cozy warmth ("Bring the sun inside").
A solution that is fully electric and ideal with solar panels.
Healthy and pleasent
A healthy and pleasant indoor climate: less air circulation and swirling dust.

Saving energy at home

Save up to 50-70% on energy compared to a boiler. Even if you do not generate your own sustainable energy, you will still end up saving around: 25-35% compared to gas warming. This way build up costs will be paid back within 6 years.

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Enduring profit, maintenance

Tests show that ThermIQ's panels have a long lifespan: After 18 years the panels will only lose 15% of their max power. During these years, maintenance costs are non-existent. This is achieved because, compared to the boiler, nothing is moving or buring from the inside.

Saving energy at business

A cold lobby, industry hal or office. These are all places which could be warmed more efficiently. We will first provide a warmth measurement to calculate the best option for your specific situation, your expected energy usage and expected costs.

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Clean room

With this heating system dust won't be blown around any more. This is beneficial for the condition of your room. It is also beneficial for work spaces, especially the ones which require clean air. It is no coincidence that infrared heaters already found their application in operating rooms.

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