Installation is that simple

Just as simple as hanging a lamp or painting.

The mounting of our panels

The ThermIQ infrared heating panels are easy to assemble. The only thing you need is a connection to the electricity grid. (Much easier compared to the installation of traditional central heating or heat pumps.)

We would prefer to place the infrared panels on the ceiling, but you can also choose to attach the panels to the wall. On the support page you will find the installation manual for the infrared heating panels.

Attachment to the ceiling

By attaching the infrared heater to the ceiling you get the maximum efficiency. From the ceiling, the panels have the largest range of efficienty. You can easily install the panels in your ceiling, but you can also choose to attach them to (or let them hang freely under) the ceiling.

Attachment to the wall

Attaching the infrared panels to the wall often happens when attachement to the ceiling is not possible. The efficiency is then somewhat less, but still higher than with traditional central heating.

Have it assembled

Because you can easily connect the panels to the electricity grid, you can install it yourself. However, many people choose to have this done professionally. Certainly when installing the panels, but also in addition to any additional groups which can be connected if you have several panels in the same room.

If you want help with installing our panels we have a network of installation partners. Let us know and we will put you in touch with an installation partner from your area.

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