More about infrared and our technology

What is infrared and how does it work?

Infrared radiaton reaches everything around you, including yourself. It is like the effect of the sun.

About infrared

Infrared is a heat which the sun uses warms the earth. Infrared heat is the same heat that is also produced by our body. When our body exerts itself, this warmth is supplied from our muscles.

Infrared radiation

Infrared radiation consists of electromagnetic waves that also occur in sunlight. The infrared part of the whole spectrum consists of invisible light and has a wave length of from 780 to 10,000 nanometers. The sun warms the earth, resulting in a pleasant temperature. This warming only occurs when the sun’s rays are caught by the earth. The sun’s rays do not warm the air but the earth. Because the earth is warmed, air temperature rises too. ThermIQ’s infrared heating operates in this same manner. By bringing the sun into the house, it warms only the floor, people and other objects. This creates a pleasant and comfortable indoor living environment. The frequency of the energy spectrum of our panels is around 10 nm, which is pleasant and healthy.

The infrared of our panels

The heat radiation of our panel is around 10.000 nanometers, The most pleasent part. It is also completely save compared to UV-lighting, because it is at the other end of the light chart. The panels create infrared heating trough a semidconductor-layer, which is applied on a plate of safety glass. The heat radiation will give you just the right feeling by giving this layer the right composition and thickness. Just like the sun: the air won't get warmed up, but the earth itself will. A result to this is also a rise of the air temprature. Our efficient infrared heating works just like this. The infrared heating radiation creates heat for the floor, the people, and every object in the room. This results an nice and comfortable atmosphere.

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Infrared heating

The sun heats the earth, which result in a pleasent feeling. The heat is a result of the earth catching heatwaves of the sun. The air won't get warmed up, but the earth itself will. A result to this is also a rise of the air temprature

Comfortable infrared heating

Infrared heating is comfortable. Compare it to the feeling of the sun. Infrared does not warm the air, it warms objects. Objects like you. Infrared heating is just like the sun and therefore the most natural way of creating warmth.


-You do not have to lay pipes

-You save on energy bills

-The saving depends on your situation. A flower shop achieved a saving of 75%

-You create a healthy and comfortable indoor climate

-You limit air circulation and swirling dust

-You can ventilate without losing heat

-You save space because you do not have to install radiators

-You enjoy the heat from the panels immediately after turning on the heat. The way you immediately feel the warmth when the sun breaks through

-You can control the heating online. For example with your smartphone, tablet or PC

-You can control the heat per zone. For example, more heat at the door and less in the rest of the room


-You need to lay electricity cables to connect the panels

-You must attach heating panels to the ceiling. If desired, this can also be done on the wall, although the yield is then lower

Applications for infrared heating

Infrared heating is a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient form of heating. It is very suitable as:

-Comfortable and intelligent heating of your home

-Office heating with possibility of creating microclimates

-Heating in healthcare institutions without unwanted air circulation

-Heating element in DIY saunas and infrared cabins

-Bathroom heating where moisture and mold do not get a chance

-Horse stables for a healthy climate for top horses

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