More about infrared and our technology

Infrared is a heat with which the sun warms the earth. Infrared heat is the same heat that is also produced by our body. When our body exerts itself, this warmth is supplied from our muscles.

Infrared radiation

Infrared radiation consists of electromagnetic waves that also occur in sunlight. The infrared part of the whole spectrum consists of invisible light and has a wave length of from 780 to 10,000 nanometers.

Infrared heating

The sun warms the earth, resulting in a pleasant temperature. This warming only occurs only when the sun’s rays are caught by the earth. The sun’s rays do not warm the air but the earth. Because the earth is warmed, air temperature rises too.

ThermIQ Infrared heating

ThermIQ’s infrared heating operates in this same manner. By bringing the sun into the house, it warms only the floor, people and other objects. This creates a pleasant and comfortable indoor living environment. The frequency of the energy spectrum of our panels is around 10 nm, which is pleasant and healthy.